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Image by Su San Lee

Tokyo Street Food Tour - Togoshi Ginza

Explore Tokyo's longest shopping street and try a variety of authentic, delicious Japanese food!

Embark on a mouth-watering Street Food Tour in Tokyo's charming Togoshi Ginza district. With over 400 shops, Togoshi Ginza is Tokyo's longest shopping street! But you won't find many tourists around - the area is very local.

Alongside one of our knowledgable food guides, you'll enjoy seven types of delicious Japanese food, including:

  • Crispy Karaage (Japanese fried chicken) at an award-winning vendor

  • Juicy Yakitori (charcoal-grilled chicken skewers) at a restaurant running since 1926

  • Hand-made Onigiri (traditional rice balls) with over 40 filling choices, from bacon and cream cheese to spicy tuna

  • Savory Curry Bread (freshly baked bread filled with Japanese beef curry)

  • Super Creamy Japanese pudding

Furthermore, you'll learn all about the unique history of each food, as well as the ingredients and cooking techniques involved. Please note that the tour involves a good amount of walking (approximately 3 kilometers, or 1.86 miles) and isn't recommended for people with a low level of fitness.

In summary, our Tokyo Street Food Tour brings you the best of Japanese street cuisine in the middle of a vibrant, non-touristy district. Whether you're a foodie or a casual traveler, this tour promises to leave your taste buds tingling.

¥11,000+ / person

(kids 5 & below = free of charge)

Private Tour:

Price = ¥20,000 per person

> Kids aged 5 and below are free of charge

(Note: Tour prices may vary depending on the season)

About Togoshi Ginza

Togoshi Ginza is a lively street food destination that still remains to be one of Tokyo's hidden gems. This area is filled with an eclectic mix of shops and vendors that offer a wide range of food, from the savory to sweet.

 What makes this experience unique? 

  • Enjoy a Wide Range of Delicious Food

  • Explore an Area Off the Beaten Path

  • Get Special Insight from our Guides

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