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Eating at the Bar
  • What food travel services do you offer?
    First of all, we of course offer food tours in Tokyo (we plan on offering tours in more cities in the future too!). Our most popular food tour is the Tokyo Street Food Tour, but our Kyoto Kaiseki Experience also offers an unforgettable journey! Secondly, we offer the food itinerary builder which is a great way for you to travel independently backed with the knowledge of a food expert. Most recently, we have published our first food guide which is an extensive collection of recommendations, tips and information on Fukuoka's ramen scene. With this guide you can plan your stay completely on your own. More guides will follow!
  • For where in Japan do you provide travel services?
    For now, we mainly provide services in Tokyo. Only our Kyoto Kaiseki Experience takes place in Kyoto of course! However, eventually we aim to expand outside Tokyo as well, as there are many unique cuisines to explore out there.
  • What is your cancellation policy for tours?
    Cancellations made 72 hours prior: 100% Refund / Cancellations made less than 72 hours prior: 100% Charge
  • What if I am allergic to certain foods or have a specific diet?
    No problem! Please let us know about any allergies in the "food restrictions" section when you book. We'll adapt to your needs as best as we can! At the moment we don't offer any suitable food tours for vegetarians here, but we do have a Vegetarian / Vegan Ramen Tasting Tour over at Tokyo Ramen Tours.
  • How do I get started with the itinerary builder?
    No problem at all: Just go this page and do the following: Fill in the form to let us know your preferences. Wait for us to get back to you with a quote for your dream trip. Discuss final adjustments and you're good to go!
  • Can you also help with restaurant reservations?
    Of course! We know how difficult it can be to reserve a seat at a restaurant in Japan if you don't speak Japanese yourself. And for the most popular restaurants it is hard to get a reservation in general. That's why we can help you with that as well. Just tick the box in the itinerary builder form under the available add-ons (second page).
  • What does a food itinerary from you look like?
    An itinerary includes from us includes: - Tips and etiquette guides for included restaurants - Information on area, restaurant and food - Navigation by day/time - Reservations (by request)
  • Do I pay upfront?
    Yes, depending on your preferences and requests, we'll create a quote for you. Once this quoted price is paid, we'll start working on your personalized itinerary and get it to you as soon as possible.
  • How long does it take for me to receive the final itinerary after submitting a request?
    This depends on how extensive your itinerary should be and for how many days you'd like us to plan your food adventure! Usually it can take us 1 - 3 weeks though.
  • I already have some restaurants I want to go to. Can these be worked into the itinerary?
    Of course! Please let us know in the "additional notes" section of the form or once we get back to you to discuss adjustments via email (or optionally, on the phone).
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