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Image by Su San Lee

Kyoto Kaiseki Experience

Have an exclusive, private experience at a 400 year old restaurant with a personal chef! 

Image by Tianshu Liu

Experience Kyoto dining like never before, and at one of Kyoto's (and Japan's) oldest restaurants! Enjoy a delicious, multi-course meal (kaiseki), with the chef preparing everything right in front of you. 

All 5-7 dishes that come with the meal are carefully prepared with seasonal ingredients. You'll get to sample the freshest sashimi, the finest wagyu beef, and many other dishes. This includes their signature tofu, which boasts a 400 year old recipe! 


¥30,000 per person

(Note: Amount is paid at restaurant; reservation fee is added on top)

About Nakamuraro

Restaurant Nakamuraro is uniquely located inside the grounds of Yasaka Shrine, one of Kyoto's most important shrines. You'll find them in the heart of Kyoto's famous Gion district.  

 What makes this experience unique? 

  • Dine at one of Japan's oldest, most exclusive restaurants

  • See everything prepared right in front of you by the chef (not normally available) 

  • Colorful and deliciously diverse multi-course meal (kaiseki) 

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