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Image by Su San Lee

Full-Day Tour Options

Image by Pat Krupa

North Tokyo - Asakusa, Akihabara, Ueno 

  • Akihabara: Dive into the world of electronics, anime, and manga in this vibrant district.

  • Asakusa: Step back in time, visiting Senso-ji Temple and surrounding historical areas.  

  • Yanaka Ginza: Wander through this charming old-town shopping street known for its nostalgic atmosphere.

  • Ueno: Visit Ueno Park and nearby Ameyoko, one of Tokyo's most famous shopping streets.

  • Oshiage: Home to one of Tokyo's most well-known attractions, the Tokyo Skytree, this area's filled with countless shops and restaurants!

South Tokyo - Shibuya, Shinjuku, Nakano

  • Nakano: Discover the hidden gems in Nakano Broadway, a paradise for collectors and foodies alike.

  • Koenji: This hip district is famous for its vintage shops and vibrant cafes.

  • Nakameguro: Stroll along the picturesque Meguro River and enjoy the chic cafes and gourmet restaurants.

  • Shibuya: Experience the hustle and bustle of Shibuya, with its famous crossing and plethora of dining options.

  • Shinjuku: Explore neon-lit streets, bustling markets, and a diverse food scene.

You can choose from the options above, but if you want to experience a different part of Tokyo, just let us know!

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