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Sushi Nigiri
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Discover Tokyo
through Food.

 Start Planning your Tokyo Food Adventure 

 Tokyo may just be the greatest food city in the world. From ramen to tonkatsu, it has over 150,000 restaurants! Where do you even start? This is where Food Tours Tokyo comes in. We help you navigate all the delicious food in Tokyo. Get started with the three services below! 

  • Best Tokyo Restaurants from our extensive database 

  • 100% Personalized (preferences, allergies, etc.)

  • Restaurant Reservations 

  • Special Add-Ons like a Personal Guide

Food Guides

  • In-depth guides for ramen, tonkatsu, fine dining, and more

  • Places hand-picked by a Tokyo local and food expert

  • Pro Tips and Japanese Food Etiquette 

  • Both PDF and Online versions  

  • Tokyo Day Tours (8 hours & more)

  • Tokyo Street Food Tour (2h)

  • Guided by an award-winning Tokyo guide 

  • Tokyo Wagyu Beef tours and more in the future!

About Food Tours Tokyo

From an award winning food company

Food Tours Tokyo knows the Tokyo food scene inside out, from ramen to yakitori. Maybe you require vegan or vegetarian cuisine. Or you have a peanut allergy and are worried about being able to communicate this. Or maybe you have a specific budget in mind. We take care of all of this, so you don’t have to! Head to Tokyo with the confidence of knowing that your trip will be stress free.

Frank eating ramen

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