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Brücke bei Sonnenuntergang

Freelance Food Blogger / Content Writer

Explore, Taste AND Blog Japan!

We are looking for a talented blogger to generate engaging, original content for our websites (Food Tours Tokyo, Tokyo Ramen Tours & Instant Ramen Japan). Your job is to generate interesting content about Japan and its diverse cuisine that makes our readers want to read more! Additionally, you will take your own pictures to use in your articles (though we already have a big database of ramen pictures which you’ll get access to of course!)

Location: Japan
Job Type: Freelance
Compensation: 500-700 words ¥5000; 700-1000 words ¥6000; 1000-1500 words ¥7000
(incl. pictures) + reimbursement for food/transport costs

* Generating, researching, and pitching ideas for posts & blog strategies
* Writing, editing, and publishing content
* Taking and editing pictures (and videos) to use in blog articles
* Advocating and educating others about Japanese food, etiquette, trends, restaurants and our offerings
* Maximizing site traffic by utilizing Search Engine Optimization keywords
* Collaborating with bloggers, experts, or other notable people in the industry to enhance and promote content on our websites

* Exceptional (English) writing, research, and communication skills
* Writing experience or familiarity with Japanese food and/or Japan in general
* Creativity and adaptability
* Photography and photo editing skills
* Strong SEO ability

What You'll Gain:
* Extensive knowledge about Japan and its food (ramen) culture
* Strong understanding of startup culture and business processes
* Opportunity to regularly taste Japan's very best food

Please send your resume, cover letter and 2 to 3 writing samples to to apply.

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